Secure Gate Access Control in Tampa, FL

Are you concerned about the security of your residential or commercial property? With access-controlled security gates, only approved visitors and residents can access the property using a code. When you need high-quality, reliable gate access control in Tampa, FL, reach out to Bravo Fence. We offer a wide variety of home security gates and access control systems to help safeguard your property. Whether you’re restricting unauthorized access to your own home, a corporate building, or a large hospital or bank, our experts can design and efficiently integrate an access control system into your existing security system.

Access Controlled Gate in Tampa, FL

Access Control Systems for a Variety of Settings

Protecting your building or home and its occupants from intruders is likely your number one priority, and it’s ours as well. Outfitting your property with an exceptional security system leaves nothing to question. Our skilled and dedicated contractors specialize in installing a number of high-quality and durable gate access control systems that can be used in residential and commercial building both large and small. Our access control systems have been installed in a variety of locations including:

  • Medical Facilities 
  • Subdivison Entries 
  • Apartment Complexes
  • High-Security Office Buildings
  • Storage Facilities
  • Single-Family Residences

Our staff works with you to create a comprehensive access control solution that meets the security needs of your location. Whether you are looking for a basic residential or advanced commercial system, we can provide you the security and safety that you need to rest easy.

Prevent Unwanted Intrusions with Electric Gates

Access control gates are an effective way to deter home invaders, vandals, and even pesky door-to-door solicitors who may interrupt your day. Because of their simplicity, business and home security gates are easy to install, maintain, and use, making them ideal for any location. At the press of a button or by entering of a pass code, a gate motor is triggered which allows the gate to swing inward or outward, granting access to your property. Without the code, unwelcome visitors can’t gain access to your property.

With more than 15 years of experience, our extensively trained installation professional use some of the most advanced tools and equipment available to perform security gate installations. Allow our team to help you meet your security needs by discussing your needs, budget, and property specifics. We help you protect your belongings and building residents from the comfort and safety of your own car or home.

Contact us to discuss your property’s security needs with our professionals. We proudly serve clients throughout the Tampa, Florida, area.