Wood Fencing in Tampa, FL

Give your home a timeless visual appeal that can be molded to fit contemporary landscaping designs with wood fencing in Tampa, FL. Bravo Fence offers comprehensive fabrications and installations for an impressive selection of woods fences. Our company utilizes modern construction practices to fabricate custom selections that add beauty to your yard. When you partner with our contractors, we make sure to complete your wood fence installation with respect to your preferences, time, and budget.

Make a Strong Aesthetic Statement with One of Our Wood Fences

An expertly-crafted wood fence can be the lynchpin in the landscape design of your property. Wood is a practical fencing material to choose when your goal is to complement your home's existing outdoor aesthetic. Our contractors build and install wood fences crafted from a multitude of different woods that each offers a unique desirable appeal. Whether you are looking to give your property a rustic or refined appeal, our team of experts is committed to helping you find a selection that best suits your yard.

Wood Fencing in Tampa, FL

Choose a Wood Fence for Decoration or Privacy

A wood fence is one of the most versatile fencing options due to its decorative appeal and utilitarian nature. The lightweight properties of wood enable our contractors to cut, shape, and build exquisite fencing designs to fit your exact specifications.

We offer a vast array of design options that complement your home or garden. If you are looking to add privacy to your home, our building materials can be easily configured to offer you privacy while maintaining an authentic look. We work with a number of different premium grade woods including:

  • Pine
  • Spruce
  • Cedar
  • Cypress
  • Redwood

Our contractors employ a detail-oriented approach in building an installing your fence. Whether are looking to accentuate your landscape, protect your garden, or transform your backyard into your own private oasis, you can rest assured you are getting excellent craftsmanship. We have the skills and expertise to bring your designs to fruition.

We Specialize in Environmentally-Conscious Bamboo Fences

Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is not wood. Bamboo is actually a fast-growing grass that can be harvested several times over with no negative environmental impact. Our contractors always support green landscaping efforts. With this in mind, we proudly offer our customers bamboo fences for those looking for alternative fencing options.

Bamboo is an ideal construction material because of its durable and lightweight properties. Traditionally used as a flooring option, bamboo only requires occasional treatment with a UV-resistant varnish to keep its brilliant appearance. Our experts have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to provide you with a carefully-crafted bamboo fence. Rest assured that your installation will be treated with the utmost care. When you turn to our experts for a specialized bamboo fence, we are sure to provide you with a remarkable feature.

Contact us to learn more about wood fence installations. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton, and Brandon, Florida.